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Employee Drug Testing in Jackson, Mississippi

Drugs in the workplace can cause lots of problems. From accidents to more serious problems, employees on drugs certainly isn’t ideal for any employer. But what can you do about it? Mobile Drug Screen Inc. has a program that can help you enact safe, legally sound drug screening and drug tests for your employees. We are full service drug testing provider and can provide you with a full program from scratch or help you enhance your current program that you have in place.

Serving Jackson, Mississippi and the surrounding areas, Mobile Drug Screen Inc. is your partner in achieving and or maintaining a drug-free workplace. Our programs are designed to work for you, whether you own a small business or a large corporation. Each of our programs offer easy to follow steps that you can follow to reach a drug-free workplace.

Many employers express concerns about the legality of drug testing, how to include in their policies and the complexity of these issues. However, at Mobile Drug Screen Inc., we help by guiding you through each of these issues so that you comply with every local, state and federal law. In addition, we help by writing the required policies and provide you with standard procedures to use in the program. Some of our procedures include how to handle new employee testing, random testing, cases of reasonable suspicion and post-accident forms and procedures.

Finally, we provide advice and courses of action to take should any of your employees test positive for drug use. There are many options available to you.

Mobile Drug Screen Inc. has years of experience handling drug testing in the workplace. Allow us to guide you through the process and help remove drug-related risks and dangers from your business. Give our friendly staff at call today to discuss beginning your own drug-free business program. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and help you get started. We look forward to serving you soon.

"Get the Check" Campaign

The "Get the Check" campaign is a locally inspired program to let your customers know you are a Drug-Free workplace. It also serves as a safety beacon assuring your clientele know your employees are professional. Look for displayed decal at your favorite businesses.

Let's face it, drug abusing employees cost business more than $1,000,000,000,000 (yes, BILLION) annually in lost revenue due to theft, sick days, health care, workers comp, and insurance premiums.
For every employee that abuses drugs, according to the department of labor, it has been statistically shown that the direct or indirect cost to the business is upwards of $11,000 per abusing employee.

These costs are derived due to lesser production, sick days, work place accidents, and increased insurance costs.

The Program

Whether you currently have a drug-free workplace or want to get one started, we can help. If you currently have a program up and running, we can intergrate to meet your needs. From Urine Screens to full D.O.T programs.

If you need a program, we will help you develop one for you. For some, a drug-free program sounds complicated, expensive, and generates a greater liability to be sued. The reality could not be further from truth. Mobile Drug Screen provides you, the employer, with a turn key program. Our program is designed to help the small buisness owner to large corporations. Once enrolled, we will build your "Drug-Free" program.

With the program you will find instruction, solutions, and forms. But most importantly, the "Drug-Free" program is a simple, easy to follow step-by-step program. Your policies will be pre-written for you. Forms for your employees will ready to hand out and be signed. We cover everything to include pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident forms and procedures. It could not be any easier.

Included will be federal, state, and local guidance as well. As an employer, you are expected to follow the law. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming. But, we are here to help. Our program will eliminate many of the pitfalls employers get into with regard to drug testing and policy adherance. Additonaly, a supervisor training guideline is included, as well as training for employees should they require it. 
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