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We save you TIME and MONEY! No clinic wait. We come to you in our customized "Lab-on-Wheels."

MYTH: "If I start drug testing I will have no employees"


Mobile Drug Screen Inc. understands that in some situations it is common for the employer to believe this. We have developed a program that gradually integrates drug testing within your organization to reduce the shock effect.

We have seen great success with this type of program development. It is a win-win situation. 

Q: How long does it take to get the results back on a drug test?
A: An instant test is just minutes. A lab based test (urine or hair) may take 48 hours from the time the lab receives the test. All lab tests are shipped the same day overnight to the lab.

Q: If an employee has a prescription will that show up on a drug test? 
A: In most cases, yes. It depends on the substance prescribed and the substance tested for. When a test is positive, and Medical Review Officer (MRO) will contact the tested person to determine prescription information.

Q: Can I terminate an employee for a positive on an instant test?
A: You should not as you risk litigation. A lab must determine a positive and an MRO should call to verify. We insist all positive on an instant test are lab tested.

Q: Can a urine test be beaten?
A: Any test can be beaten. However, our instant urine cups also test for Ph,Temperature, and "other than urine" substances. A lab most definitely can determine validity. Our testers are trained in all "cheating" methods. We are also certified to perform an "observed" test where the donor is directly observed while providing a sample from their body into the cup.

Q: Can a hair test be beaten?
A: No. We use the most accurate lab in the country. our chosen lab has a patented process that eliminates "covering" or "hiding" metabolites in the hair.

Q: What is a chain of custody?
A: A chain of custody (CCF) is a process that ensures the sample taken can't be altered once collected. The process includes paperwork, identification of donors, time and dates, sealed specimens, sealed envelopes, sealed packing containers and receipt at the lab.

Q: How accurate are DNA tests?
A: In the case of paternal DNA, the test will either exclude the alleged father at 100% or include him at greater than 99.9%

Q: Can a DNA test be performed when two individuals live apart?
A: Yes. We can ship a kit to one or both parties. However, it can't be used in court. For a court acceptable test, both parties need to be indentified and witnessed by the collector. 
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