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Whether you have an upcoming drug test or want to ensure you’re administering the highest-quality drug and DNA test possible, Mobile Drug Screen is here to help. We provide professional drug and DNA testing services and ensure the results are accurate. While other drug test prices are high and testing could end up costing you a fortune, we’re proud to provide our services for a reasonable price. Earning your complete satisfaction is our top priority, which is why we take the time to understand your particular needs so that we can fine-tine our testing services accordingly. Keep reading to learn more about the services we offer and our low prices!

Urine Test, Instant*

12-panel urine, $30
5-, 10-, and 14-panel available

*Confirmation per drug, $25

Urine Test, Lab

12-panel urine $38
5, 10-, and 14-panel available

Hair Test/Fingernail

5-panel (FDA) $79
10-panel (Non-FDA) $169


Prescreen test strip $10
(free if positive; breathalyzer confirmation)

Breathalyzer, evidentiary $35


Panel, collection only $25
Panel with lab testing $43
Breathalyzer, evidentiary $35


Supervisor Drug/Alcohol (2-hours) Call for Pricing

Post-Accident Fee/Reasonable Suspicion

Immediate call-out (24/7/365) $75
Plus above testing as required

Random Selection Program

1-30 employees $30 annually
More than 30 employees $50 annually


Instant cups, mouth swabs, blue tabs, security tape. Call for volume discounts.

*Confirmation testing in a lab is required by Mississippi law for all instant positives.

Sales tax and mileage isn’t included.
** Mileage not included; 55 cents per mile to and from the Jackson metro area
5- and 14 panel urine tests are also available by request.

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